CLEF Fragrance is a collection of fine fragrances that awaken your sense of ritual.

A sense of ritual comes from one’s innate affinity for living, often asleep within our souls. The secret to finding it? Do a little extra something in your daily life, like: garnish a meal, dress up for no one, or wrap a gift. The act can be small, simple, and doesn’t need a strong reason. All it needs is to make you feel alive. CLEF Fragrance lives to awaken your sense of ritual, so that you may experience the preciousness of ordinary life.

Live a little and your life will come alive.

Spirit Scents

Embodying the mystique of nighttime affairs, these alluring scents exude the complexities of spirits, drawing out the wildness, confidence, and individuality in you.

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Tea Series

Think calming midday sips that keep you going past your afternoon break, these unique scents are crafted to evoke the comfort, warmth, and romance associated with tea.

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Sparkling Scents

Paying homage to free-spirited times, these scents bring forth the refreshing flavour of sparkling drinks, seemingly fizzing, rising, and popping with nostalgic vitality.

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