5 Steps To Healthier, Glowier Skin

Step 1: Start with a gentle cleanser - the most basic and essential step

Our skin comes in contact with environmental pollutants 24/7. Dirt and dust that have been accumulated throughout the day should be removed each morning and night. Thankfully, it's pretty simple - a gentle cleanser can do the job! However, it is important to find the right formula that is able to cleanse our skin without being too gentle or too abrasive. This is because the former leaves our skin unclean and the latter destroys our natural skin’s barrier.

A great option would be the CLEF Hydrating Cleansing Gel as it is gentle yet effective in cleansing our face (and it leaves your skin smooth and hydrated too!). Formulated with Trehalose, it also protects and hydrates our skin cells and this prevents premature aging. 

Step 2: Incorporate an effective essence into your routine

Some skin experts may argue that essence is not 100% necessary for our skin. However, if you find the right serum, that’s a big extra bonus! A great ingredient to look out for is Peptides, which are commonly found in serums. They encourage cellular repair of skin and increase collagen production. When your skin remains young and healthy, they glow naturally. For more anti-aging properties, search for ingredients such as Bird's Nest in your essence. 

If you are still contemplating which serum to go for, we suggest CLEF Radiant Gold Essence. Packed with Copper Peptide, Bird's Nest, and 24K Gold, it provides 4 functions (anti-aging, stabilizing, moisturizing, brightening) in merely a single bottle. 



Step 3: Lightweight moisturiser

Though taking care of the skin on your face is important, you shouldn't skip out on caring for your body as well. Moisturising is a vital step for healthy skin. It is key to reduce the chances of developing both extreme oiliness and dryness. Both of these extremes can cause skin problems such as acne and irritation, which will stop your skin from glowing. After moisturizing your face, be sure to grab a body lotion and moisturize your body too. (they need love too!) 

Does the feeling of stickiness irritate you? We suggest you try out our lightweight Relaxing Body Lotion that provides zero burdens on your skin while calming you down with its citrus and milk scent.



Step 4: Apply + reapply sunscreen

We all know how crucial it is to put on a thick layer of sunscreen before heading outdoors, but did you know that it is equally important to apply sunscreen while you are inside? You should also be reapplying every two hours or so. Seek for a sunscreen that has SPF 30 and above for protection against UV rays.



Step 5: Drink. More. Water.

Drinking water is the most basic solution towards healthier, glowing skin. If you can’t see the science behind why drinking water is so important, picture a grape and a raisin in your mind. A juicy, plump grape has a smooth complexion, while a dehydrated raisin looks wrinkly… do you see the importance now? 

Keep in mind that CONSISTENCY IS KEY so be sure to stick to this routine for at least a month to see results (Magic needs time to happen!). With merely just 5 basic steps, your skin will be healthier and glowier in no time.

CLEF Skincare products are formulated with first and foremost your skin health in mind. Be rest assured that all of our products are safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

For a fuss-free yet effective way to achieve healthy and glowy skin, stick to a CLEF routine of cleansing with the Hydrating Cleansing Gel, masking with the Copper Peptide Mask, incorporating an additional boost to your skin with the newly launched Radiant Gold Essence and moisturising your body with the Relaxing Body Lotion. 

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