All it takes is a spark.

The greatest innovations come from the simplest ideas. Here at CLEF, we value open-mindedness and all forms of creativity, so if you are a team-minded individual brimming with ideas, you’ll fit right in, where your ideas will be realised.

Meet the team

What happens when you put a group of skincare enthusiasts in one room?

You get team CLEF— a group of energetic, open-minded and collaborative go-getters.

How it’s like

Unlike your average skincare company, we value performance over hours, and adopt a flexible, hybrid approach to working. As long as the objective is achieved, how you get there is up to you.

It’s important to us that you thrive during your time in the team, so whatever ideas you have at any time, do speak up! We welcome ideas of any kind, and are happy to collectively grow your vision into action.

With the constant exchange of sparkling ideas in our open concept office, there isn’t a single dull day at here CLEF.


Think you’re a right fit? Drop us your resume and portfolio (if applicable) here :